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“I Won’t Complain, I Just Won’t Come Back”


Why Your Customers May be Leaving You

Survey Says! Top 5 Answers are on the board, here’s your question. Name the number one reason that customers leave a company and go to the competition. Answer: Poor customer service. If this answer were being scored on Family Feud, it would earn a whopping 89 points. That means 89% of the time a customer leaves a business, it is due to poor customer service.

But why exactly are they leaving? Here is a breakdown from RightNow Technologies:

  • 73% - rude staff
  • 55% - issues not resolved in a timely manner
  • 51% - incompetent staff

How well does your company monitor what’s happening on the front lines with your customers? Do you have the right service staff that values the customer like you do? Are they properly trained to handle customer issues the first time the customer comes back in or calls with a complaint? Are your service processes streamlined enough to be considered efficient and easy to navigate? Hiring the right staff and providing ongoing training can resolve the service issues listed above.

A 2011 American Express survey showed that 90% of customers prefer to resolve service issues by phone. So here’s another question: How long do your customers have to wait when they call your company? How satisfied are they when they hang up the phone? If customers are kept on hold too long, 34% of them never call back. They are gone without so much as a goodbye.

In order to provide good customer service, you not only have to train staff to manage customer issues well in-person, but you must also train them to handle the customers’ phone calls. How are customer calls monitored for quality at your company? Can you monitor if the calls are handled to the customer’s satisfaction the first time they call? Do you have the capacity to answer calls as they come in so your customers don’t have to wait on hold?

These are all important questions to ask yourself if it is important to keep your customers coming back to you.

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