Competitive Price Analysis

Competitive Price Analysis

Competitive price analysis should be performed at regular intervals to ensure maximization of profit and keep prices competitive with the market.

  • Understand price sensitivity
  • Compare and contrast base price, taxes and shipping cost
  • Determine the price points that will maximize your revenue
  • Improve margins

Services Offered

  • Phone Price Shops
  • Web Scraping & Complete Analytics

Market Research

Market research keeps you informed about market needs, wants and expectations directly from your customers. Frequent changes in technology, consumer tastes, competition offerings and economic conditions require that you get accurate, up-to-date information.

  • 70 percent of best in class companies use customer feedback to make strategic decisions
  • Datalink uses interviews, surveys, questionnaires and focus groups to conduct qualitative and quantitative research
  • Research is conducted in person, by phone, on-line and by direct mail

Awareness Campaign

Awareness campaign through telemarketing is a great way to build brand awareness by getting your company name in front of thousands of potential customers.

  • Build awareness about your products or services, new offerings, events, qualify prospects and gather market data, all at the same time
  • Event awareness campaigns identify your best prospects, encourage registration, project attendance and gather important feedback

Integrated Promotional Campaign

Integrated promotional campaigns that includes several points of contact is the most effective way to maximize results. A personal phone call before a mailer or a follow up call after a promo launch will increase customer focus.

  • DataLink’s team is available to make hundreds of calls daily and with very little set up time
  • Customized reporting shows detailed results of each campaign and determines which promotional strategies yield the best outcome