In Store Support

DataLink can provide a nationwide network of people to handle the in-person support of your product at the store level.

In Store Support
  • Product Changeovers
  • Product Relabeling/Reboxing
  • Store Resets
  • Store Moves

Reduce traveling expenses by employing local people in the region to handle support

DataLink allowed my sales teams to focus on selling verses the manual labor involved with placing new products in-store.

Product Training and Demonstration

Training at every level of the distribution channel is important to increase awareness and adoption, which in turn increases sales.

  • Our trainers average 50 – 60 calls per week, depending on type/length of training
  • DataLink provides detailed reporting of each training session, which includes market research and customer feedback
  • DataLink handles the entire training process, from making appointments and scheduling to design, delivery and reporting

Using two trainers, DataLink helped us reach over 500 customers in the first month of our product launch.